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We provide a wide range of services

Educational Resources

We have some free accessible resources for schools, teachers and parents. They are no doubt important in the development of a conducive teaching-learning environment. Some of our resources includes the montessori language series- (Pink Series, Blue Series and Green Series), 3-Part Cards and worksheets for students.


At Elplus Consult, we help match suitable positions with the need of every teacher. Our team of experts screen the resumes thoroughly and shortlist them for the concerned employees. We have a huge database of teachers which help us to match every kind of requirements in the education sector.

Trainings and Conferences

Being great teachers are beyond the call of duty and textbooks. We bring to the knowledge of schools and teachers conferencesand workshops that would give teachers that extra help in technology for their students. We have a team of dedicated experts grounded in the education field willing to deliver their expertise.

Social Media Marketing

At Elplus, we help you grow your brand awareness and bring targeted traffic to your website through using various social media platforms which include Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter etc.
We provide you with an indepth digital audit and analysis of how your brand is performing online and how it is being perceived by your targeted audience.


We help schools devise strategies to improve educational quality and help implement new policies, as well as implement changes to curriculum based on data, develop training programs for teachers and schools.
We help you decide upon the marketing plan of the school, as it will bring the school to the notice of people.

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