7 Tips To Becoming A Successful Online Teacher

With the spread of the COVID pandemic, it had brought about a huge paradigm shift in the online educational space.

As online teaching jobs keep popping up everywhere, the numbers of online teachers have increased greatly. To be a successful online teacher, you need to be able to connect with your students, engage them and deliver content with clarity.

I’ll be sharing with you 7 tips that would help you become a successful online teacher.

A teacher having an online class

Tip 1: Plan Your Classes

This is very important because in a virtual classroom, class time is short and students are expected to learn as much as they can within that given period. There are different types of learners and people respond differently to each approach and so lessons should be tailored to suit each learner.

Tip 2: Engage Your Students

It is important to have students engaged in  the class as much as possible and therefore need to create the opportunity for this to happen. Students can be engaged by asking them to make research on topics, grade their own assignments and have discussions.

Tip 3: Create Interest

To be a successful online teacher, you will need to find ways to keep your students interested in the digital classroom. For instance, you can have worksheets, recorded videos, eBooks etc. Having fun while learning can help create a positive atmosphere.

Tip 4: Ask for Feedback

After few weeks of having classes with your students, ask your students for honest feedback on how far the classes had gone. The feedback should cover everything from teaching methods and also request in any areas requiring improvement

Tip 5: Create A Supportive Online Community

Encourage students to use the general forum for discussion. Since the online space is their classroom, you would want your students to feel as supported as possible when they are there. You can also share lessons’ summaries to help students keep up to date.

Tip 6: Use Readily Available Resources

Since the students are going to be more on their computers, the best resources are going to be online by using relevant and easily accessible resources such as online videos, news sites, digital publications etc

Tip 7: Create A Social Media Account For Your Class

Reach your students and family where they are. Consider creating a professional social media handle for yourself and a private social media account for your students and their families where you can post class announcements, assignments, tips, lesson videos, reminders, shout-outs, and encouragement.

Ready to tour this route? Let’s have your experience if you have started.

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