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Tips You Will Find Useful While Working Remotely With Your Pupils

With all that’s happening, safety precautions have to be taken as regards the coronavirus pandemic. Schools all over the world are stepping up, getting creative, and finding solutions to keep students learning amid school closures and disruption caused by COVID-19 as a teacher.

Working remotely can be a little tricky but there are tips to get you started as you work from home during this pandemic. Some of these tips are:

Waking up early: This helps prepare you for the day mentally and keeps your mind aware of the fact that you may not be at work, you still have to work.

Draw up an agenda: A to-do list is very essential. Be sure that you carefully list out all the tasks you intend to do for that day and strike them off one after the other as you complete them.

Create a flexible schedule: Set a plan so that the pupils know what’s on for the day. Having a basic routine can be a good idea during this period of uncertainty. Routines bring comfort.

Create a centralized location for communication with students and families using existing learning platforms like Canvas or Moodle or consider online tools such as Google Classroom, ClassDojo, Edmodo etc.

Create tutorials and short lessons: Do some recordings of you delivering a lesson that can be shared with your students via URL or an email attachment. Recordings can be created using voice over or video recording functions, Screencast-o-matic, Zoom etc

Provide students with individualized support and feedback by calling students who need additional support in their learning over the phone or through web conferencing.

Take a break and have a closing time just like you would do when you are at work. Be sure you observe your lunch break.

Ensure your phone is always on: It is essential that you keep your phone on at all times since you are not physically at work.

Repeat: Keep doing these again and again till the pandemic is over and it’s safe to return for work.

In what ways are you keeping safe and how has it been working remotely?

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