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Coronavirus and Its Effect on Education

The coronavirus pandemic has cast a bright light on deep inequalities not just in who have devices and bandwidth which is of utmost importance but also has the skills to self-direct their learning and whose parents have the time to spend helping.

E-learning softwares are sought after by schools and homeschooling teachers to help keep kids abreast of their curriculum as the lockdown continue

This is unprecedented; the world has never been this many children out of school at the same time.

in a matter of weeks, COVID-19 has changed how students are educated around the world.

Schools will face a different choice; if they don’t teach remotely, all of their students will miss out on months of curriculum. If they do, a sizable group of already disadvantaged students will be left out and will fall even farther behind.

Schools are shut down to reduce the spread of the coronavirus pandemic

In some Nigerian schools, online learning tools such as Google Classroom and Edmodo are being augmented with face-to-face video instruction to help students keep abreast of the curriculum.

Some other teachers make use of software like Microsoft Teams which allows teachers to see their students as they are writing. It allows for real-time feedback rather than waiting for the work to be completed.

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